Lodging Tax Ordinance
“An Ordinance Establishing a Lodging Tax within the Township of New London”

Lodging Tax Permit Application
Submit Lodging Tax Permit application along with $25.00 fee to the New London Township Clerk.

Ordinance Repealing Land Use Ordinance
Ordinance No. 2018-1


No person shall move any previous used or occupied building or dwelling containing at least 400 square feet onto a lot or parcel without written approval from the township where such lot or parcel is located.

The process: You will need to fill out a permit application and return it to the township clerk with $100.00 fee

Ordinance Regulating Use of Golf Carts

No motorized golf cart shall be driven, operated or controlled on the roadways or shoulders of roadways under the jurisdiction of the Township unless the golf cart displays a valid, current and unrevoked permit issued by New London Township...

The process:

Right-Of-Way Ordinance

A person may not construct, install, repair, remove or relocate facilities or any part thereof or otherwise open or disrupt any public ground without first obtaining a permit from the Town.
Download the Ordinance

  1. Driveway and/or Culvert:
    If installing or connecting a driveway or culvert to a town road location within the public right-of-way you must get a permit.
    Fill out a permit application and contact a supervisor.
    Current driveway access permit is $25.00.
    Download a Driveway/Culvert Permit
  2. Construction Companies:
    Fill out a permit application and contact a supervisor.
    Download a Construction Permit
  3. Public Utilities:
    Utility Companies are required to notify the Town before initiating an excavation, an obstruction lasting more than two hours or of an obstruction of more than one lane of traffic.
    Fill out a Utility Notice Form and contact a supervisor or the clerk.
    Download a Utility Notice Form

Cable Television Franchise Ordinance

For building permits and other zoning issues contact Kandiyohi County Zoning.
If you live within a two mile radius of the City of New London you will also need contact the city for building permits.

City of New London
Kandiyohi County Zoning Office